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Wireless Charger Vibration Dampener

Vibration dampener with wireless charging for Optiline supports with 19 mm sphere

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Main features




Maxpower 15W

Vibration Dampener

Sphere 19mm

The vibration dampening module from Optiline that protects your camera from breakage and charges your phone.

The vibration dampening module from Optiline that protects your camera from breakage and charges your phone. WIRELESS CHARGER VIBRATION DAMPENER is Optiline's vibration dampening module for motorcycle phone mounts. The risk of camera breakage is a concern for many motorcyclists. Many customers have asked us to develop a product that could prevent this issue. WIRELESS CHARGER VIBRATION DAMPENER is the answer to their needs.

WIRELESS CHARGER VIBRATION DAMPENER can be mounted on all mounts with a 19mm ball, such as the Brake (art. 91596), the Donut (art. 91593), or others from the Titan Series line of die-cast metal. The mounting system is the Duolock, compatible with all Optiline cases.

Placed between the mount and the case, it significantly reduces vibrations generated by the engine and rough roads, preventing costly damage to iPhone and all smartphone cameras.

In addition to being a vibration dampener, it's also a weather-resistant 15W wireless charging module. This allows you to charge your phone on the go without removing it from the mount. Charging can be controlled by pressing the ON/OFF button on the back. An intelligent feature of the WIRELESS CHARGER VIBRATION DAMPENER is its automatic detection of motorcycle shutdown. When the motorcycle is turned off, the wireless charger completely disconnects current absorption. This way, you won't have to worry about draining the motorcycle's battery if you're not using it for a while.

The WIRELESS CHARGER VIBRATION DAMPENER is powered by a 180 cm SAE cable, which connects directly to your motorcycle's battery. The SAE connector not only powers but also allows the use of wiring with motorcycle battery maintainers. This versatility is a great advantage for motorcyclists who want to keep their battery in perfect condition during periods of inactivity. The device is equipped with a protective fuse, which ensures that the system is protected from overloads and short circuits, ensuring maximum safety during use.

Article’s info

  • Compatible for: 90560 Bar, 90561 Bar Orbit, 90562 Pole, 90563 Pole Orbit, 91592 Strap, 91596 Brake, 91590 Screw Pro, 91594 Combo, 91598 U-Type Pro, 91595 Combo Pro, 91593 Donut, 91597 Stem, 91589 Stick, 91584 Custom Panigale V2/V4


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